What is The Bitcoin Open Project?

The Bitcoin Open Project is a decentralized community driven platform providing liquidity and payment solutions for financial institutions and retailers globally, our DeFi BTC based platform enables the creation of sub chains within our Bitcoin Open Blockchain we have fixed the challenge of having a great funding platform with high liquidity and mass usage prospects, take advantage of our approved application solutions created by Bitcoin Open Community developers who are fully vetted by our experts. Bitcoin Open token will be the first ever token to be launched as a ERC20-Merger token this In itself its very exciting for us!

What is an ERC20-Merger Token?

ERC20-Merger is a protocol similar to the standard ERC20 but also applies to a fraction of Bitcoins original rules we have injected around 15% of The Bitcoin Open Blockchain with original Bitcoin code the rest has been made up from original ERC20 contract source code.

We are hoping many new developers will start to incorporate ERC20-Merger tokens after seeing the success our launch will prove to be, the overall task for our ERC20-Merger project is to bring a fresh look to crypto and show others what can be created outside the box.

Full documentation on the structure and breakdown of ERC20-Merger tokens will be uploaded and available via the user dashboard & within our whitepaper during our token sale.

How to participate in the BTC-O token sale?

First and foremost if you have not registered with us yet, click on the "Register" link or "50 Free BTC-O Airdrop" button on the top of the page. Once you complete the registration and confirm your email address you will get into your personal Bitcoin Open dashboard.

What type of currencies will be accepted?

Currently we only accept BTC as we are working with the main Blockchain, our team will look to add coins on high request (if you have a suggestion please feel free to contact us).

Is there a Whitepaper?

You can access our Whitepaper here it is free and available to the public.

What will happen with unsold tokens?

At the end of our token sale all unsold tokens will be distributed between investors who hold more than 100 BTC-O tokens.

When will the BTC-O Token be listed on exchanges?

We will start to add liquidity to BTC-O on Uniswap by the end of August 2021. The tokens itself is expected to be listed on public exchanges within 10-35 days of public token sale completion.

Confirmed exchanges will be listed on our partners section before the end of August 2021 and we hope to be on ALL supported exchanges by the end of November, we will let all users know in advance to give users some time to head over and get their wallets prepared for the launch of our token.

When will I receive my Bitcoin Open (BTC-O) tokens?

Usually tokens reach the users dashboard within no more than 30 minutes after the completion of the transaction. Please note that a transaction can take up to 24 hours to process, depending on the blockchain network or other conditions.