Work Process

We’ve built a Blockchain for the masses...

The Open Blockchain has been created with the masses in mind, no more complicated systems and difficult to use wallets the Bitcoinopen team are a non profit group of individuals who would like to revolutionize the way we look at decentralized financing around the world,

  • US Based Company, Verified & Regulated Since November 2020.

  • Backed By Over 1,000 Partners, Financiers & Developers.

  • No Profit To Our Team From Token Sale Funds Raised.

Our Project Mission

The ultimate mission for The Bitcoinopen Project is global decentralized finance.

The final objective for us is to have all 100,000,000 of our BTC-O in circulation by 2027, with sub coins within the Open Blockchain dominating the current markets, we have a great roadmap ahead of us and we will continue developing to suit current market conditions to give our infrastructure the best chance it has within the world of Crypto.

Work Process
Work Process

Why are so many people rushing to get in on the DeFi gold rush?

Cryptocurrency is different than any currency you’ve used before, within the Crypto space DeFi tokens were launched bringing a whole new approach to finance and how we look at our assets and storing them, DeFi is unlike any current monetary system where you do not currently have full ownership of your assets .